Wake County GOP chairwoman says troubling things about ‘Moral Monday’

27 Jun

Wake County GOP Chairwoman Donna Williams has said some troubling things.

Williams contended the demonstrators were “using the same failed 50-year-old playbook to protest legislature efforts that would create jobs, improve our economy, reform our tax code, safeguard our elections, and balance the state budget.”

Williams also said: “The people are tired, and these protesters are just on the wrong side of history. We thank Governor McCrory and our legislators for fulfilling their campaign promises.”


Donna Williams (from thecashroc.blogspot.com)

What could she mean by “failed 50-year-old playbook” and “the wrong side of history?” 50 years ago would put us at 1963, the year before the Civil Rights Act, and two years before the Voting Rights Act (which was dismantled this week by the Supreme Court). I hope she’s asked to clarify what she means; most in this country and the world acknowledge the 1960s civil rights struggle as heroic, highly successful, and on the right side of history, much of it coming from North Carolina. In fact, it’s the NC GOP that seems to be on the wrong side, using rhetoric and tactics reminiscent of segregationists and white supremacists.

One Response to “Wake County GOP chairwoman says troubling things about ‘Moral Monday’”

  1. gweniepooh July 2, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    You say “…people are tired…” Exactly what people do you mean? Do you mean you and the ones being critical of those trying to defend what is right, what is just and what is fair? You say, “failed 50-year old playbook”…had it not been for marches and the civil rights movement we would still be drinking from seperate water fountains and only people who are the same skin color as yourself would be voting!

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